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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to put into words, but not long ago God began to burden my heart with the needs of lost and hurting people in far off places. I was faced with the stark contrast of two realities. First, that we have been richly blessed physically and materially, and we’ve been given ready access to the saving truth of the Gospel with a church on nearly every corner. But God began to overwhelmingly burden my heart with another reality; that there are multitudes of isolated people living in remote places who do not have access to the Good News and are even struggling to physically survive.

jose aponte

As a pilot & aircraft mechanic I knew God was calling me to reach them using airplanes. I couldn’t escape the fact that they were living and dying without ever having known about Living Water, The Bread of Life, The Healer, and The Word of God.

We Need an Airplane

We dont care the type of Airplane we just need to get started, you can either donate your airplane or cash for us to buy one.


We wil like to be ready to fly out on those place that is difficult to travel and give the opportunity to survives to those that are in need.


Seeking to maximize the number of persons involved and areas reached, it creates service opportunities for diverse skills and education. Believing that time is very short, its decision making reflects a sense of urgency. It supports and encourages people and other organizations which share these principles.

Abandoned and Needy

Aviation For God is a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization which seizes opportunities to carry God’s love, through sacrifice, to the world.