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Donate your Used Airplane or help us to buy one.

Donating your aircraft to charity has never been easier and the benefits have never been greater. Whether you wish to donate an airplane, hobbyist aircraft, helicopter, or jet, your donation to a charitable organization in need will help others while you may qualify to receive the fair market value for your donated aircraft on your tax return. Wherever possible, our specialized group of experienced volunteers can help to make repairs or improvements to help you achieve the maximum write-off. Aviation For God's People (AFGP) will make arrangements for transporting your donated airplane, aircraft, helicopter, jet, or hobbyist aircraft and in most cases arrangements can be made the same day.

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Aviation For God's People (AFGP) will make arrangements For Transporting Your Donated Aircraft
You May Receive the Fair Market Value as Your Tax Deduction Amount
A Charitable Organization Receives Much Needed Help
Donating your aircraft is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply complete the form below. We arrange transport (in most cases the same day) and you receive the tax deduction benefit while helping a charity in need.

Completing the form below is the quickest way to initiate contact with one of Aviation For God's People (AFGP)'s experienced donation staff who is available to answer any questions that you may have rearding the donation of your airplane, helicopter or other aircraft.

Completion of the form below does not obligate you to donate your aircraft, instead it signifies your desire to contact a donation specialist regarding a possible aircraft donation.